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Madhav Nagar,
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Featured image by Manan Dhuri, MTTN

It’s not too often that we are surrounded by individuals who are passionate about life, living on their whim, capturing the world on a lens and creating a difference. School of Communication is one such college under Manipal University that renders many a stories and students who aspire to make a mark through their talent.
If you want to be out there, know no frontiers when it comes to being creative, engage, create art, shout out your views and if you have a little bit of interest in Journalism and mass communication, then this is the place to be.

PC: Dhruv Khanna, Manipal School of Communication


School Of Communication or SOC as all like to call it is situated near Kamath Circle (the hub spot of MIT Campus). It’s a little secluded and away from the rest of the MU crowd and hustle. Probably that’s what makes it stand out; the college is structured very differently from all the other college campuses in Manipal. You have a common room beside the small home-like college canteen right when you enter, where the faculty and the students choose to sit together over aloo-puri or idli sambar in the break and have a conversation about life and all that jazz. The classrooms surround the quadrangle and commuting from one classroom to another is easy-peasy.

PC: Medha Jha, Manipal School of Communication

For all those who have i-on WiFi subscription, you don’t get it in your classrooms or the common room sadly. And hence, you’ll see most of the students, sitting in the library or outside it utilizing the WiFi facility that they pay for monthly (unlike MITians).

Campus life

If you are an SOCian, you already know how to enjoy college life. Students of SOC get accommodation in the MIT hostel campus which is home to Manipal Institute of technology, Department of Commerce, Faculty of Architecture and their respective Post Graduate students. The campus has everything a student would require within the vicinity of a kilometer. Snack Point and Kamath Canteen at KC are highly recommended for budget meals. The campus has a huge Basketball court at KC along with a food court that the students pay for at the beginning of the year.

But, if you are a foodie and love ghar ka khaana then you can choose not to pay for the mess and eat at independent messes inside the campus like Sindhi and Rajasthani mess.

The best part about Campus life in Manipal is definitely the exposure. Your neighbors are students from various different streams, departments, branches, colleges and cities. There’s usually always something happening in the campus, from info-desks to event publicity, pre-events, fests and what not; the campus is always full of life (except the exam time and during monsoon rains of course).


Being a hostelite is only compulsory for the first years. Which means you can choose to rent an apartment outside without the 10:30 pm perm time that restricts you from staying out of your hostels post the given time.

Other than the hostel facility provided by MIT, there are many other lodging options available that suits all pockets. This is for the parents who come and stay for a couple of days or so. And for students who decide to move out, there are studio, 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK and penthouses available on rent, These get booked around the end sem time and the best way to seek a flat of your liking is through a broker who’re sometimes our genies (on brokerage of course). There’s Mandavi Emerald, Saphire, Pearl City, Pragathi Pride, Pratham Pride & Abode to name a few. Students usually take the apartments that are closer to their college in order to keep the transportation expenditure in check.

In short, whatever the problem, Manipal will teach you how to figure it out and enjoy.

Academics and faculty

The courses offered at SOC will teach you a lot. But what you learn outside those last day pricey photocopies of all the notes you can gather, is what’ll matter at the end. The college and the faculty encourage participation outside college wholeheartedly. And they believe that practical learning is the best way to get better in your field. Hence, instead of going back home to their beloved beds and tv series, students take up internships or start up their own ventures, travel diaries, projects, productions or work on making their own short films during the vacations from the first year itself.
The course by the way is smooth and is of the student’s liking if not in the first 2 to 3 semesters. You get to choose between German and French. ( Und nein, ist Deutsch nicht einfach.)
The way you look at the subjects, understand them and like them will differ from faculty to faculty. Each faculty has a different way of teaching and conducting classes. I won’t be wrong when I say you’ll have more than one favorite professor.


You’ll probably never hear an SOCian saying „Oh! The studies are taking a toll on me“. You’ll always find time to pursue your hobby or find a new interest or to simply hone your skills as you’ll be subjected to ample of opportunities like competitions, workshops, internship placements etc.
Also, did I mention Student exchange? The student exchange programs allows a selected few students who go through intense interview session and presentations to study at some prestigious universities in Netherlands, Australia and Germany for a semester.

Students and Extra Curriculum

PC: Medha Jha, Manipal School of Communication


A plethora of opportunities lie ahead of a first year and years of experience and stories to tell by a senior when they look back. You can be who you want to be, and be the best version of yourself without being judged. Article 19 the annual fest of SOC stands by just that- #FreedomYourRight.

Article 19 Promo 2016 | Annual Core Communication Fest of School of Communication, Manipal University | #FreedomYourRight

You will see Manipal buzzing with Article 19 workshops, pre-events, promotional activities, the ceremonial Freedom walk and bunch of many other things when the fest is just around the corner, also the guest list never disappoints the students and externals.


There are clubs like The Manipal Journal, POD (Palette Of Design) and Kalamanch that take in the most talented of the lot and work throughout the year doing what they do best.

Kalamanch: Performing their street play at MIT Picture Credit: TMJ


Altogether, School Of Communication offers a platform where you’ll probably enjoy college life; learn to explore possibilities in your field utilizing the contemporary style of teaching.


PC: Dhruv Khanna

Forget not, the countless friend circles you’ll change till you find your pals who’ll define your college life.

In a Nutshell

Night Life: 5/5 (Too many options provided you have the right company to have a good time)

Strictness on Campus: 4/5 (Not as strict for them boys. This shall change soon)

College is a little secluded in Manipal. But Manipal on whole has:

  • 4 to 5 beaches within 40-50 kms radius.
  • Mangalore just 60 kms away (great for weekend getaways).
  • Jog falls, Agumbe, Kundadri (if you are the adventurous kind) .
  • Goa & Gokarna just a few hours away (Train ride is ideal)

Accommodation:  4/5

Weather:  Summers- 2/5
                     Monsoon- 4/5


~ By
Sanskriti Tarkar
Manipal School of Communication

What do you guys think? Please leave comments so I can make edits to the blog and incorporate everyone’s view!

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  1. Each area has covered very describe manner. Some of the activities has shown by pictorial method even by inserting it has become very live. Excellent…..


  2. Studying in SOC has been described very precisely… Truly this college is one of its kind and a very brilliantly done review…


  3. Great job on covering all the important aspects of the college. The writing was pretty straight forward which in a way works in its favour, however a little bit of flair wouldn’t really hurt the article and make it a fun read.


  4. It has been a great experience studying in SOC. This article sums up the experience in Manipal and college in a brilliant way.


  5. There is more to explore in the prevalent culture of manipal , and it deepens every time you explore.Well composed .


  6. It’s amazing to see an article talk about Manipal SOC. Great to see such lucid representation. I hope this makes an amazing read for all aspirants looking to take up journalism and this prestigious institute!


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