University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun


Bidholi, via Prem Nagar,
Dehradun, 248007,
Uttarakhand- India.


Phone (if anyone just in-case wants to try something boring and utterly useless) : +91 135 277 6054

Featured image by Vasu Agarwal, UPES. 

Before I start explaining the nitty gritties of life in UPES, I would like you to look at these images of the campus first :

Panoramic view of the UPES campus. This particular picture has also been featured in ’16 Most Beautiful Campuses in India’, where UPES was one. | PC: Vasu Agarwal, UPES

Pretty breathtaking, right?

This was the first thought that struck my mind when, exactly one year back, I opened the upes website to check their admission details. I remember going “woah! I would LOVE to study in this college! “.

And my dream did come true when one evening I got the most awaited acceptance letter confirming my seat in University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun.

I do not really know where exactly to begin for there are so many different things to say!

But I think I will start with the most apparent aspect, to detail, the beautiful college campus.


Cradled right in the laps of monumental rolling hills, UPES has a breath-taking campus. It is sprawling. It is neat. It is well-designed. It is spacious. And it is so green! The campus spreads itself out comfortably over a vast green field that rises at the extreme end into hills that ascend into the beautiful hill-station of Mussoorie. On a clear sunny day, one can see the tall pine trees on the hills. And their tall thin shadows cast over the hill slopes makes for a wonderful sight.

First view of the campus main building as one enters the college gates | Stock image


The campus is well equipped with green lawns, shades, benches at all appropriate places and a cafe right next to a sprawling WiFi park.


UPES Campus | PC: UPES REIGN n Revelations

Not bragging, but the UPES Bidholi campus which is home to the School of Design Studies and College of Engineering Studies 2016 onwards, boasts of a huge library, well-spaced lawns, a WiFi park attached with a full time cafeteria , numerous labs, a well-equipped Research Centre with a Stone Museum and a huge open Football field, basketball and volleyball courts!


Talking about campus life and nightlife especially, I can’t get too positive and enthusiastic actually.

Don’t get me wrong, UPES life is great! But the attendance policy really tires people out. Or rather, frustrates them. One notch below 75% and you are debarred without doubt. No amount of begging is gonna save you, kid. That’s why UPESites have got an internal joke, that hum toh college mein nahi, Army school mein padhte hain!

Rains in UPES, UPES RR
UPES during Rains | PC: UPES REIGN n Revelations

The DSA (Directorate of Student Affairs) is a high performing authority in the college. Any misbehavior and you can expect to get suspended in no time!

UPES, being a strict disciplinary college, the campus life is also a pretty regulated affair. Students are expected to be spick and span with their uniforms (yes! we’ve got uniforms that are really a burden in the hot summers). A little mischief leading up to irresistible giggles in class can be considered a serious offence!

A Screenshot of ‘UPES REIGN n Revelations‘ FB page


The UPES campus is like, really BIG. You need real stamina to survive the 9 to 5 class schedules! No jokes!




In this picture featured in the official photography page of UPES – The Explorers, Gaurav Yadu, a 5th Year student accurately defines the pain involved in navigating around the campus in between classes!  Follow The Explorers on FB for more awesome stories by UPES students.

Talking about nightlife can get me a bit depressed actually. UPES being way out of the city, there are no public transport available after 7:30 PM, after a certain point. Students sometimes get frustrated because of the curfew imposed on them by hostels. Which in most cases ranges from 6:30 PM to 7:30PM. Which is not enough guys, we are college students! *sad face*


Everything said and done, UPES has a good record when it comes to academics. The faculty is well versed with their subjects and often go beyond classroom clichés to interest and engage the students effectively. However, although I’ve got few complaints when it comes to our Faculty who are quite knowledgeable, I can’t help but say that some of them are quite miserly when it comes to giving attendance. Believe me when I say, it’s hard to get attendance for participating in some event! I wonder if that’s the case in any other college.

The course structure is really well planned out and we are kept busy throughout the year with a tight schedule full of different activities.   The load of assignments and project work takes up most of a student’s time and he/she is often left wondering bhai padhu kab? But students inevitably end up doing all their work on time. Come on, for a college this disciplined, it is damn well expected of us. Hhaha.

PC : UPES REIGN n Revelations.

The college has got a real MIG-23 on campus, for practical learning required in a few specialized branches. The MIG is a gift from the Indian Military Academy located just few kilometers from the college. 


When I first took admission, I was advised by a senior not to take in campus hostel.

The common misconception any person might have from that is the hostels are bad. This is not so.

The hostels are appropriate. Three-seated rooms, well furnished with cupboards and personal study tables. There are no ACs. We don’t need those. There are ample washrooms on each corridor to serve everyone living on that floor.

Hostel Room at UPES Bidholi campus

Hostel food is good, I should say, but yeah it does get boring after some time.

Many students live in private hostels and PGs, and while they might be more fortunate than the ones caged in the campus hostels, they are less when it comes to food. Most of these private hostels serve only veg. Trust me, it has been a difficult year for me, having only veg all round the year. Which of course explains the excess money spent each month(that goes into various non-veg restaurants in the city lol).


The college gives a hell lot of opportunities to its students. There are millions of chances out there only waiting for us to take. And that is one of the reasons why UPES has grown at such an exponential rate since its inception in 2003. There are loads of student clubs and lots of creative spaces for the interested. With respect to sports, the college has shown exceptional participation in state and national level cricket, badminton, and football tournaments. The College of Legal Studies has bagged almost 100 national awards in a very short span of time, and the quality of performance has been growing every single day.

Follow the UPES SPORTS page on FB to stay updated on regular events and student achievements

UPESites have found new and interesting ways to keep themselves entertained. Unlike other college students, we don’t get access to Movies and other like ways of entertainment very easily, owing to the location of the college and the curfew which in most hostels is 6:30 PM to 7PM. We have taken to nature and often you will find students of the university strolling down the streets with cameras , talking to their friends or just admiring the sunset. People who have lived in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc. find peace and happiness here. Others who have lived for ever in small towns, find only frustration! There is practically no nightlife. Dehradun city is almost 15 kms away from the college and you are lucky if your parents have given you a scooty or any personal mode of conveyance.


Nearest Airport – Jolly Grant Airport, 26 kms

Nearest Railway Station – Dehradun Railway Station


Location: 3/5

Nightlife: 2/5

On Campus Madness: 4/5

Strictness on Campus: 5/5

On Campus Housing: 4/5

Overall Crowd: 3.5/5

Party Scene: 4/5 (as much as possible within campus hostel walls haahah)

What do you guys think? Please leave comments so I can make edits to the blog and incorporate everyone’s view!


4 thoughts on “University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun

  1. Faculties come with knowledge only , they dont come with ideas of engaging students. Its more of a showcasing behaviour when it comes to marks ,internally skills of a student are not developed.
    Very faculty driven environment. Your vouce is never heard, and it will never be. Ultimately it is another example of making business with college not quality education.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. would not agree to you completely. being in law, i have come across few faculty members that really strive to go that extra mile. i do not, of course, have much idea about other fields.
      but yes, business remains quite an important motive.


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