GNIOT Teacher In Focus: Ms. Himdweep Khurana

Ms. Himdweep Khurana

BTech: IET, Bhaddal / MTech: Amity University, U.P /Perusing a doctorate from Amity University

Dept. Computer Science & Engineering

Asst. Professor

Himdweep quote

“To become a worthy citizen of this country, this is as important, if not more, than any technical knowledge.”  — Ms. Himdweep Khurana

How we know her:  (The Fibonacci codes that we try learn on C!) 


void main()
int i,no, first=0, second=1, next;
cout<<"Enter nubmer of terms for Series: ";
cout<<"Fibonacci series are: \n";
for(i=0; i<no; i++)
next = first + second;
first = second;
second = next;

If you have passed her subject, you probably have either understood or mugged up the above code by heart! We interviewed Himdweep Ma’am, to learn a bit about her and to move beyond the C language course!

Himdweep Ma’ams’ office wall is filled with colorful post its of quotes from her favorite authors, poet and role models along with the teachings of the three pillars of Sikhism.  She has personalized her space and I believe she needs all the motivation after dealing with all the first year students banging their heads trying to understand C and her own PhD! Also stuck on the Walls are some beautiful painting by her daughter, Mehar, who I suspect might grow up to be an artist rather than an engineer!

Ma’ams’ personalized colorful wall!

Here is the first hand scoop of our interview with her.

GNIOT Reporter (GR): Why did you decide to become a teacher?

Ms. Khurana (HK): Becoming a teacher was more of a matter of chance than choice. I think the real question is why did I choose to stay in teaching? The reason is my students themselves. Teaching is a two-way process. You always learn when you teach and perhaps this aspect of my job, where I am constantly amongst the young, bright minds, made me stay in teaching.

GR: How were you as a student?

HK: Being regular with my work, gave me a fair deal in my engineering. If I have to give myself an adjective, I would say I was “good” as a student.

GR: I believe all the students were hoping for another answer but I guess this is why you value being regular and up to date with your work so much, since you have always practiced it.

*smiles exchanged*

A Picture drawn by Mehar, that brightens Himdweep maams day when she is feeling low.

GR: What is your favorite part about GNIOT?

HK: GNIOT concentrates on the overall personality development of the students. I have seen the transformation of a fresher into a confident professional. The four years of engineering helps in shaping the young minds and equipping them with opportunities to showcase their competencies in real environment. Just reading the books is not enough in todays’ World to get a job, one has to work on themselves and GNIOT as an institution strives hard in helping their students achieve the same.

GR: What do you do when you are not teaching?

HK: I am pursuing my Doctorate, so I am involved in my research. Apart from that, the job of the teacher is not limited to classroom teaching only. We are also part of the mentor-mentee program so students come with various academic as well as personal issues, and I try to work out their problems.

GR (thought to himself) : Ma’am is still studying wooh!

HK: What according to you is the most challenging topic (Chapter in the course) for the students to understand?

I am teaching “Computer System & Programming in C” in first year. The biggest challenge is to convince the non-Computer Science students to understand that learning the language “C” is as important for them as for a Computer Science student.

As for a particular topic, then Pointers and File Handling are the areas that are challenging.

GR: What is the one advice you would want to give to your students?

HK: If a student is regular with his/her assignments in Engineering College then he/she is sure to do well. But apart from getting this technical knowledge, a student should never lose his/her moral values. To become a worthy citizen of this country, this is as important, if not more, than any technical knowledge.

We were running short on time so had to conclude the interview there but it was fun getting to know maam better. We will be doing these beyond the classroom series of interview with faculty, management and staff so keep an eye out for this space.

2 thoughts on “GNIOT Teacher In Focus: Ms. Himdweep Khurana

  1. I remember when I was in first year mam and my CLG bus were same ..and when I sit besides her she alwz give a confidence to me. ..ndd say plzz high up ur moral …as a person she is very nice…
    Himdweep mam..thanku…


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