A Picture Review of GNIOT, Noida

The Greater Noida Institute of Technology is one of the top engineering colleges in India. It has a large campus equipped with all the facilities required by students and faculty alike.

A view of the campus from outside

The flora and fauna can be noticed all around as one takes a walk inside the college campus. It provides a warm and welcoming environment for the aspiring students.

Within and beyond the college campus, one can find a variety of food and drink stalls where they can happily refresh themselves. The main campus itself has one big canteen and two other separate small canteens to avoid overcrowding. There is a food stall known as the Maggi point, right outside the college gates which serves as a hub for students from not just GNIOT but other nearby colleges as well.

The university encourages co-curricular activities as well, providing a full ground basketball area for students to play and improve their skills, after college hours. There is also a ground for the cricket lovers. Students also engage in other sports like volleyball, carom, table tennis; to name a few.

The Ansal Plaza mall is not far from the college campus, providing a respite to all students from their busy college schedules. The mall has a number of big brands, in addition to having a movie hall and gaming center.


There is affordable conveyance, in the form of autos, right outside the campus which the students can use to commute to and fro the university. Buses are also available for students and faculty members travelling long distances.

GNIOT also has a well maintained library where students are required to maintain decorum, as the space provides students with all academic journals and reference books. The college has a stationery shop right inside and there is no need to go outside and purchase books, for the same. The campus also has its separate boys and girls hostels with responsible wardens to provide its students with utmost care and a feel of home, away from home.

The GNIOT Library
The GNIOT Library
sunita goel karan goel (stationary shop)DSC_0583
The Stationery shop maintained by Mr. and Mrs. Goel

There is a lot to look around the college campus, if one can look beyond the academics of a University. It is because of these facilities and proper management that GNIOT has been running strong as a University, since years.

–  The author of this post, Eva R Sachdeva is a blogger for IOS Ignite and writes extensively on Education Technology and news.

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